Full Service Tree Care in Westchester County NY & Fairfield County CT

Tree Removal

North Castle Landscaping & Tree Service's arborists try every possible alternative before having to remove trees. Proactive tree service and maintenance is the best way to ensure the longevity of your trees and shrubs. However when there are no alternatives, North Castle Landscaping & Tree Service is the expert at removing your trees and shrubs in a safe and professional manor. In most urban and suburban landscapes, tree removal may be required in tight areas where trees must be carefully dismantled. Our arborists use state-of-the-art machinery to ensure the safety and protection of your property. A standard tree removal includes taking down the tree, chipping all brush, cutting logs into firewood length, and cutting stumps as flush with the ground as possible.
Reasons trees need to be removed:
  • Tree is considered Dead
  • Decay from insects or disease has caused structural damage
  • Overcrowding existing trees
  • Proximity to surround structures or wires
  • Storm damage
  • Liability issues
  • Construction renovation

Property Clearing

Woodlot areas are often neglected and un-maintained. North Castle Landscaping & Tree Service's arborists can recommend proper care to revitalize and enhance wooded areas, and create pleasant views that add value to your property.
Our arborists will determine which trees should be removed in order to allow better quality trees room to grow. By removing all of the downfalls, brush and poor quality trees, these areas will flourish with healthy mature trees as well as keep tick populations down. North Castle specializes in the clearing of large properties and lots of land, allowing for contractors, architect, builders, and other such development based individuals to build new structures. With the use of heavy machinery, arborist expertise, and a fully-furnished professional staff, North Castle Landscaping and Tree Service is prepared to clear any lot or property, large or small. We pride ourselves in the 25+ year existence of our company, providing quality Tree Services to Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT.

Stump Removal

North Castle Landscaping & Tree Service Inc. provides the removal of stumps created by a recent tree removal, or existing stumps, can be ground out and eliminate the hassle of having to be worked around or attracting insects and fungi. Stump removal is carefully executed using the expertise of our professionals and the use of heavy machinery to complete the task in the right fashion. Each stump removal consists of a stump being ground 6-12 inches below grade and then back filled with the debris. Debris can be removed from the stump area as well. Each stump removal project is completed with the use of a professional stump grinder.
Our Quality Stump Grinder allows for both commercial and residential usage, fitting through a 28-inch wide gate. This piece of machinery boasts the amazing capacity to slowly eat away at your existent stump, providing remains of any wood or root portions. While this powerful machine grinds through all portions of stump and root structure, it does it with minimal ground pressure, conserving your lawn. Each project conclusion presents the property in the same to better conditions in which were encountered at the initial beginning of the project. Professional Stump Removal services, provided by North Castle Landscaping & Tree Service, providing Tree & Shrub care, Landscaping services to Westchester County NY & Fairfield County CT.