Spraying & Fertilizing in Westchester County NY & Fairfield County CT

Custom Liquid Fertilization

Fertilization treatments promote the health of your trees and shrubs. Nutrients and soil amendments are injected directly into the plant's root zone. Some of the nutrients are used immediately, the rest remains in the root zone for future use over wintering and for spring development. North Castle Landscaping & Tree Service Inc. uses the latest fertilizers and organic additives.
Mycorrhizae root enhancer: These beneficial fungi live in and around the roots of trees and shrubs, serving as a secondary root system, extending them far out into the soil. Mycorrhizae extract nutrients and water from the soil for their host tree while living off the tree's sugars. Trees with thriving mycorrhizal root systems are healthier and more robust.
In addition to replenishing the soil with necessary nutrients and soil additives for continued growth and vigor, fertilization treatments provide these significant plant health care benefits:
  • Healthier appearance, growth and flowering
  • Soil aeration
  • Relief from construction damage and salt
  • Aids in recovery of declining mature trees
  • Repair of damage from drought stress

Plant Health Care (PHC) & Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

North Castle Landscaping & Tree Service Inc. is the expert in the field of maintaining plant health care. Most urban landscapes are actually artificial environments created by man. We have taken plants from their natural environments and placed them in the desired environment that may not be totally compatible with your plant's needs. This causes many of your plants to be subject to both natural and unnatural environmental stressors. North Castle Landscaping & Tree Service's arborists and horticulturalists are trained in identifying and diagnosing horticultural diseases and deficiencies. Our Integrated Pest Management program establishes a long-term relationship with the homeowner, or landscape professional to satisfy their individual needs. We will design a program specifically for your landscape to improve growing conditions by applying environmentally friendly treatments.
By proper plant identification along with proper diagnosis of disease, insects and nutrient deficiencies of plants, North Castle Landscaping & Tree Service Inc. can make the difference in the health of your landscape. It is important to realize that any successful sustainable plant health care program will include the cultural practices of pruning, watering, mulching and sanitation. These practices are vital to the health and development of your landscape.