Grounds Maintenance in Westchester County NY & Fairfield County CT

Your landscape is an investment. Protect it with proper grounds maintenance program and your landscape will take on a distinguished and improved look. North Castle Landscaping & Tree Service's horticulturalists understand the change in health and appearance that your landscape has the potential to incur over time. With proper maintenance practices and methodology your property will become healthier making it look its absolute best. Attractive trees and shrubs are important components in all well-landscaped properties. Planned maintenance and care are essential for keeping them healthy and vigorous.

Spring Clean Up:

Designed to address winter wear and tear and rejuvenate your landscape for the growing season. Offered in late winter, we'll clean, weed, and mulch your planting beds, detail any perennials needing attention, and prune as seasonally recommended to freshen your landscape and prepare for greener days to come.

Detail Visits:

General maintenance and upkeep visits help to keep your property well groomed throughout the growing season. Our regular detail visits, scheduled as needed between other services, allow us to prune, weed and care for your entire landscape as the need arises, keeping your yard looking its best throughout the year.

Fall Clean Up:

Our fall clean up service puts your garden to bed for the year and prepares all features of your landscape for winter. Service begins in October, the perfect time to clear your landscape of overgrowth, clean out all existing beds, prune all shrubs, and cutback your perennials as needed for the change of seasons. A light dusting of mulch on all planting beds completes the service.


Proper mowing practices are very important in relation to the health and growth of your grass. Mowing at the correct height, frequency and with sharp mower blades can help ensure a healthy lawn. A properly mowed lawn utilizes fertilizers more efficiently, which helps it stay thick and green. Thick lawns inhibit noxious weeds which will reduce the need for herbicides.

Leaf Removal Services:

Leaf removal from planting beds and turf area begins as soon as the leaves start falling. Your property will be cleaned weekly of all leaf debris and leaves can be removed from the property.


Healthy turf grass can only be accomplished by creating strong root systems. Aerating consists of taking 2-3inch cores out of the turf area, allowing water, air, and nutrients to flow freely into the root systems of the plants. By aerating in the spring and fall, your lawn will come back each year rich and green.

Over seeding:

A rich, thick lawn will keep out noxious weeds and reduce the use of herbicides. Over seeding your lawn will help to fill in sparse areas in your lawn where the grass has died off. This will help your lawn become lush and healthy and the envy of your street.
The North Castle Horticultural Experts provide a quality landscaping experience like no other. Each of the various landscaping services we offer is both special and professional-driven in its own way. One of our most popular services offered in our arsenal of landscape services is Plant Bed Detailing. Plant Bed Detailing is an amazing way to accent your property at the smallest, yet most attractive areas, the Planting Beds. We offer a variety of different services used in order to accommodate your garden / landscape needs in both the residential and commercial areas. Our goal is to change the look of your property periodically throughout the season(s). Providing sporadic change while making your property look great!
Plant Bed Detailing is Strategically Offered in the Following Frequency (Time Periods):
Weekly - Planting of appropriate plants in planting bed week by week
Monthly - Detailing Planting Beds once a month
Bi-Monthly - Accenting landscape planting beds once every two months
The North Castle Plant Bed Detailing Program is an Intricate Process Including:
Mulch Application
Changing Existing Annuals Seasonally
Adding Perennials
Application of Bulbs