Tree & Shrub Care Cabling and Bracing

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and Pruning

Cabling and bracing reduce the risk of tree failure due to structural weakness, storm damage, mechanical injury, rubbing limbs, and excessively long and heavy limbs.  Professionally installed cables are crucial for the health of your tree and the safety of those around it.  Improper installment or poor quality materials can be hazardous.  North Castle Landscaping & Tree Service’s arborists use the highest quality materials and are trained to properly install cables while keeping them as hidden as possible.  Cables should be checked at least once a year, especially after major storms.  

 Direct Cabling: consists of a single cable between two tree parts,

  • e.g. (two limbs, two stems, or a trunk and a limb)

Triangular Cabling: consists of connecting tree parts in combination of threes. 

  • This method is preferred, when maximum support is required.  

 Box Cabling: consists of connecting four or more tree parts in a closed series. 

  • This system should be used only when minimal direct support is needed.